A conversation with our past about the future.

“Every act of creation begins with an act of destruction”
– renowned artist, Pablo Picasso

For over a decade, Gregory Fancelli and the Prestige Worldwide Group team have been doing just that; creating a vibrant new community while preserving the city’s unique architectural history.

And while restoration and redevelopment is certainly the foundation for the rejuvenation of Lakeland’s communities, there’s much more to a community than the buildings. Street art in the form of a mural, for instance, not only beautifies a living space, but reflects the desire of community members to share their beliefs and aspirations with one another.

Lakeland now offers a myriad number of local art projects to enjoy, with many more exciting projects slated for the future. Take a walking tour, and get a taste of a thriving creative culture that is alive and well here in a city that could be Central Florida’s best kept secret.